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Client profiles

No Sector T/O Nature of Business Claim Years Claim Value
1 Precision Engineering £8m Precision pressings for the automotive, aerospace, domestic appliance and consumer products market 4 £165,000
2 Precision Engineering £2m Development of advanced machined components for the aerospace sector. 2 £102,000
3 Precision Engineering £5m Advanced CNC machining and assembly work for the aerospace and defence sectors 4 £273,800
4 Motion Control  £1.5m Development of motion control equipment for the automotive, aerospace, marine sectors and research establishments 3 £70,000
5 Agriculture £7m Development and manufacture of pea and bean harvesting machinery 3 £48,000
6 Materials Handling £3.6m Development and manufacture of bespoke food processing systems and integrated conveying systems, and lifting systems for the swimming pool industry  4 £79,000
7 Precision Engineering £1.7m Advanced CNC machining and assembly work for the aerospace and defence sectors 2 £100,000
8 Power Generation £5m Development and manufacture of voltage and power control, and energy saving and harmonic mitigation equipment. 1 £26,000
9 Rail £1.3m Development and manufacture of bespoke signalling systems and equipment for the rail industry. 2 £55,000
10 Electronics £2m Design, development, manufacture and installation of complex conference systems. 3 £90,000
11 Pneumatics £5m Design and development of both standard and customised pneumatic control equipment 2 £34,000
12 Construction £1.5m Designs, develops and manufactures specialised machines for processing reinforcement bars used in the construction sector 2 £19,000
13  Automation £5m Provides integrated systems – software and hardware that automates manufacturing processes to increase efficiency in production, cost and quality. 3 £90,000
14 Printing £1m Manufacturing over 50 types of specialist print equipment and ancillaries for clients in 40 countries. 2 £70,000
15 Software £2.5m Development of bespoke software systems for the shipping industry 2 £104,000
16 Software £0.6m Design and development of back office, e-commerce, website and web applications. 4 £60,000
17 Software £1m Development of creative websites linked to legacy systems for major consumer and business to business brands. 2 £37,000
18 Software £1m Design and development of secure, complex, and intelligent ecommerce, wireless and data management solutions 3 £42,000
19 Software £0.4m Develop bespoke cloud applications for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, enabling businesses to run leaner & market more effectively 3 £50,000
20 Software £0.1m Development of  bespoke software for checking immigrant employee documentation and work status. 1 £8,500
21 Printing £0.9m Development and manufacture of printing plates for the premium printing market 2 £10,000
22 Water £2.6m Development and manufacture of bespoke industrial and wastewater treatment and recycling systems  3 £32,000
23 Chemicals £1.9m Development and manufacture of perfumes and fragrance for the cosmetics, consumer and cleaning products markets 2 £19,000
24 Manufacturing £0.8m Design, development and manufacture of bespoke hi fi stands and racks 2 £10,000
25 Chemicals £4m Develops and manufactures specialist lubricants and greases for oil and gas industry applications 2 £7,000
26 Plastics £2m Develops innovative branding solutions for the graphics design industry 3 £90,000
27 Pharamceutical  £1.1m Designs and develops bespoke machinery used for the production of pharmaceutical drugs 2 £74,000
28 Manufacturing £0.74m Develop high precision castings for the automotive industry 1 £25,000
29 IT £10m Providing market leading I.T. support services for over 300 SME companies. Services also include the provision of telephony, cloud based services  and the sourcing of competitively priced hardware and software solutions. 1 £21,000
30 Software £0.26m Develop bespoke 3D animation software for schools 2 £9,000
31 Software £0.3m Develop bespoke learning and creative software for the primary school market 2 £26,000
32 Manufacturing £1.3m Design, development and manufacture of high precision components for the automotive industry 4 £65,000
33 Software £0.15m Develop bespoke database solutions for a range of industry applications 2 £12,000
34 Manufacturing £1.5m Manufacture components for 3D printers 2 £73,000
35 Software £48k Develop software to help businesses manage key resources such as staff and assets in areas such as the health services as well as managing recuitment process 2 £9,000
36 Software £0.5m Develop bespoke software for the hospitality and commerce industry 2 £41,000
37 Engineering £5.7m A company specialising in the design & manufacture of high pressure equipment and the supply of internationally accredited high-pressure quality products 1 £28,000