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What our clients say about us…

1. “R & D Tax Specialists Ltd were knowledgeable, easy to communicate with and helped us through the claim process for 3 successful claims. With their help and advice we have received substantial tax refunds which we are reinvesting in technology to improve our competitiveness and develop our business further.”

  • Managing Director of a castings manufacturer, supplying leading organisations in the aerospace, defence, medical and automotive sectors.

2. “We enjoyed working with R & D Tax Specialists Ltd; they are clear, professional and competent in their approach. They clearly explained the claim process and led a full technical review of our projects. The outcome of the meeting was a detailed report which captured the key technical advances in our development projects. By managing the whole process, they helped us maximise the value of our claim and secure a significant refund. In a market where cutting edge technology brings a set of research and development risks, I am certain we will be working with them again.”

  •  Managing Director of a digital marketing agency, creating customer engagement through digital strategies and campaigns.

3. “R & D Tax Specialists Ltd made the process of claiming R&D  tax credits very easy, with minimal time and effort spent on our  part. As they have skills in both accounting and engineering, it meant that we could have a detailed technical conversation; based on which R & D Tax Specialists produced a comprehensive technical report, which resulted in a significant cash refund. A painless, personal, professional and quite enjoyable process!”

  • Managing Director of a company developing bespoke cloud applications for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, enabling businesses to run leaner & market more effectively.

4. “R & D Tax Specialists Ltd were extremely knowledgeable about the scheme, guiding us through the entire claim process. We were able to get significant tax refunds for our development work. They were very efficient, and were able to turn around our claim at very short notice.”

  • Finance Director of firm involved in the design, development, manufacture and installation of complex conferencing and language interpretation systems.

5.  “R & D Tax Specialists Ltd were very knowledgeable about the scheme and clearly explained the claim process to us. We found them very easy to deal with, aided by their business and technical understanding. They managed to secure a significant tax refund on our behalf, and this money has now been allocated to the purchase of new equipment and software to further help our development work.

  • Managing Director of a firm involved in the design, development and manufacture of bespoke machinery for the screen printing industry.

6. “The tax refund recovered by R & D Tax Specialists was immediately invested in the purchase of a robotic loading CNC machine. This new equipment has improved our productivity and capability and helped us achieve even higher quality standards.”

  • Managing and Technical Director whose firm design and manufacture bespoke composite cutting tools for Aerospace industry applications.

7. “R & D Tax Specialists Ltd successfully claimed a substantial tax refund for our development work in financial, transportation and policy compliance systems. They guided us through every step of the claim process, and were able to convey the exact nature of our qualifying development work in a concise manner. Their proven processes achieved a positive outcome, and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

  • Managing Director of company involved in design, development of secure, complex and intelligent web based solutions as well as promotional websites with built in CMS (Content Management System).

8. “Very happy to recommend the excellent service provided by R & D Tax Specialists which I can sum up in three words. Precise, Concise and Relevant.”

  • Managing Director of firm developing and manufacturing precision etched components for a wide range of industry applications.

9. “ We design, manufacture, assemble and test conveyor and palletising systems for the food and drink industry. R & D Tax Specialist’s engineers were able to assess our development work and quickly produce a detailed claim report that explained clearly the technical advances we had made. We are delighted with their service and they have secured significant tax refunds for us for each of the last four financial years.”

  • Managing Director of firm involved in the development and manufacture of high precision conveyance and palletising systems for the food and drinks industry.

10. “R & D Tax Specialists did a first class job in producing a very comprehensive technical report that really captured the essence of our company and our development activities. They are extremely knowledgeable about the scheme, and supported us every step of the way through the claim process.  We were delighted with the end result.”

  • Technical Development Manager for firm involved in the design and development of both standard and customised pneumatic control equipment.

11. “We engaged R & D Tax Specialists Ltd back in 2007 and have worked closely with Garry Hague and his team to ensure our applications were up to the job. Their professionalism and attention to detail has led to successful applications and resultant tax relief. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

  • Managing Director for firm designing and developing bespoke software, database and web application solutions for a variety of different industries.

 12. “We have been particularly impressed by R & D Tax Specialists Ltd.’s grasp of our products and the thorough examination of our submission. We were also impressed by their vast knowledge of the scheme as well as their suggestions throughout the tax credit submission process. The whole claim process was handled in a very professional and efficient manner to ensure a successful outcome. We look forward to dealing with them for many years to come.”

  • Managing Director for an established business at the forefront of the graphic design industry for over 25 years,  who are able to provide both innovative & practical solutions for the development and manufacture of components in the motorhome and caravan sector.

13. “We were unfamiliar with the scheme and the claim process. R & D Tax Specialists Ltd explained what was involved and identified all qualifying activities and costs. They quickly understood our specialist prototype development work and their technical report captured exactly what we do. We were delighted with their service and with our valuable refund which we plan to reinvest in further development work.”

  • Director for a castings manufacturer with over 30 years experience in supplying leading organisations in the automotive sector.

14. “We found R & D Tax Specialists extremely helpful in the initial meeting, quickly and clearly defining both the process requirements and the time required to extract data. Our engineers were delighted to find themselves working alongside R & D staff who were themselves experienced engineers sharing a common language and a deep understanding of product development. Our expectations were very well met with a successful application, and I have no hesitation in recommending R & D Tax Specialists to others.”

  • Managing Director for a British-based designer and manufacturer of extruders and spheronizers for the pharmaceutical industry.

15. “R and D Tax Specialists did all the work in compiling our claim. We were delighted that they were able to secure a significant refund for our software development projects to improve our internal systems. We were unaware that this type of work was eligible for a tax refund and were impressed by their approach and by the results they achieved.”

  • Managing Director for a firm providing market leading I.T. support services for over 300 SME companies. Services also include the provision of telephony, cloud based services and the sourcing of competitively priced hardware and software solutions.

16. “The process of claiming R&D Tax credits was straightforward, painless and seemed almost too good to be true. Anand and Edward of R and D Tax Specialists were very professional and efficient throughout. It’s hard to see how it could have been any easier.”

  • Managing Director for company developing bespoke 3D animation software for the education sector.

 17. “We had previously looked at R&D Tax Credit ourselves and had been unable to make any progress, so we were somewhat cynical about how successful we might be with a claim. Following a short initial assessment meeting, R and D Tax Specialists were confident that we were undertaking qualifying development work and, as they work on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis, we decided to proceed. The process was professionally managed and time efficient with R and D Tax Specialists guiding us through every stage. The submission documents they produced from virtually a single briefing were extremely thorough, leading to our claim being agreed by HMRC in less than two weeks from submission. We were delighted with the work undertaken by R and D Tax Specialists, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

  • Managing Director whose firm are involved in developing bespoke learning software for the primary school market.

18. “I found R and D Tax Specialists to be a very professional team. They quickly grasped the technical aspects of our project and worked hard to put together our case and made a successful claim. I have been recommending them to others I know who are involved in research and development projects.”

  • Managing Director of firm that develop bespoke database solutions for a range of industry applications.

19.  I was very pleased with the service provided by R and D Tax Specialists. I felt they quickly gained an understanding of what we do and the technical report which followed was professional and accurately represented the R&D work we had done. The whole process was straight forward and the result was much appreciated. I am very much looking forward to working with them again.”

  • Managing Director for a company involved in developing software to help businesses manage key resources such as staff and assets in areas such as the health services as well as recruitment.

20. “We were surprised to learn that our company was eligible to claim valuable tax refunds for the project work we had done for our customers.  We didn’t know about the R&D Tax Credit scheme.  R and D Tax Specialists made the claim process simple and they have now made successful claims for us for the last 3 years.”

  • Finance Director of hydraulic systems design and development company.